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 Alexandra Wolfar

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Alexandra Wolfar

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PostSubject: Alexandra Wolfar   Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:58 am

Name: Alexandra Wolfar

Power(if has none leave blank): Cloaking

History: Alexandra was raised in a loving family. She had never thought that she could be something special. She only wanted to be good at school, what she also managed. But she never had any real friends. They all only wanted something from her because she was so good. But one day, she was 14 at that time, a book on her table just disappeared. First, she had no idea if that was real or if she imagined something. She would have never thought that she had let the book disappear. Throughout the year, she regularly let things disappear. But she never thought that she could have such a power, especially because the things came back soon again. But then she was alone, and she cloaked a shoe of hers. After that, she was sure that this power was hers. After that she trained her power, but never showed it anybody.

Apperance: She has short brown hair. Some parts of it seem like blond. On the right side her hair is longer than on the left. Trira has soft grey-green-brown eyes. They are not very big. She is quite a tall girl. Alexandra wears blue, brown, black, red and white clothes. Most time she wears a long coat. She likes to wear short shirts. She only wears trousers. She likes to wear sport shoes.

Personality: Alexandra likes to learn and to teach. She is also a little bit shy. But when someone is her friend, she will help him as good as she can. She is also very patiant. Trira is also a good listener. She has also many ideas. She becomes angry very fast, but she can cool down herself also very fast. She also do not trust anybody easily. She also do sometimes hoaxes. She likes to use her power and thinking about plans. She likes it if she can help people. She really hate it if she has no ideas and she hates bad people. She wants to stop them when she can do that. Her greatest wish is to do something good for the world.

Occupation: student

Side(Hero, Villian, Neutral, Company, Human): Hero
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Alex Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Alexandra Wolfar   Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:16 am

Accepted wanna Rp
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Alexandra Wolfar
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