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 Alexander Jones

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Alex Jones

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PostSubject: Alexander Jones   Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:33 am

Name:Alexander Jones

Power(if has none leave blank):Empathic Mimicry. Powers taken so far:
Adoptive Muscle Memory
Enchanced strength
Rapid cell regeneration
Space-time bending

History: One night Alex came home and his parents were dead. He looked at his right and saw Sylar. Sylar attacked him but with the power he had already superspeed he was able to beat him. Then saved by Ando Mashiashi and Hiro Nakamura. He was able to get their powers. Alex went back in time to to save Issac Mendes but failed. So he was able ti use the power. After leaving he met Meredith Gordon. She was being attacked by Eric Doyle. He brat Eric Doyle but wasnt able to take his power. He had to go on a mission with Matt Parkman. To protect the young Micah Sander and Niki Sanders getting their power. He met Daphne Millbrook to get her power. Alex and Peter Petrelli were on a quest to get the most powers for the final most ultimate battle. Although not having all the powers Alex has a good bunch of them.

Apperance:((Five sentences each)) Alex has brown hair. Like Micah, Alex is mixed. He has brown eyes. Scar down his eye from Sylar. And banded wrist.



Side(Hero, Villian, Neutral, Company, Human):Side

This was just an example. Dont put dots on Personailty and Occupation(Only if you have one)

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Alexander Jones
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