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 Rules(Read them or you will disinigrate)

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Alex Jones

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PostSubject: Rules(Read them or you will disinigrate)   Thu Sep 15, 2011 1:56 pm

1. The word limit is 50
2. The only way to have Inuptive Abtitude, Pheonix Mimicry, or Empathic Mimicry is to have a good reason and PM one of the admins.
3. No disrespecting other members
4. No making fun of other kids for their beleifs or their sexual orienation, this is an extreme offense and will be take with extreme measures
5. No racial slurs, if your character is African American or Half Black you can only do this N****
6. The site is rated PG-13. Yes you can say, bitch, damn, hell, etc. But in TV shows do they say F*** or Sh** I think not so none of those words.
7. No asking to be a staff memeber
8. No killing another character without asking their puppeteer.
9. NO Puppeteering unless you have some permission
10. Sex, hardcore parties, drinking, and alchohol will happen that is why when you are going to do a thread like that you must put and (M) at the end of the thread title, so no little kid comes there and sees it.
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Rules(Read them or you will disinigrate)
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