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 Lei Willas

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Lei Willas


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PostSubject: Lei Willas   Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:33 am

Name: Lei Willas

Age: 9

Power(if has none leave blank): Empathy and Illusion, her ability able to fool all five senses.

History: Since birth Lei has had her abilities. Though at first it was only the empathy. She could tell what her parents were thinking, feeling, and everything inbetween. When they were dreaming, she'd know what they were dreaming and would even dream the same dream because of her power. When they were fighting, she'd feel their fights, their anger pulsating off of them. The increasing rage. She could even tell what they wanted when they wanted it and why they wanted it.
Growing up, she always knew what was going on with the people around her. They were no mystery to her. And when she started leaning to speak, she'd voice what she shouldn't know. Her parents had begun to fear her. And school wasn't a picnik either. She was considered the freak.
Everything changed though. When she was six her parents sent her off to a mental asylum, Greenhart, believing that she was mentally ill. Lei never was, but after a few weeks in that asylum, she had started to become it. The isolation from the world. The constricted feeling of being stuck in the plain white rooms, never having freedom. Nurses and whitecoats sticking needles in her. Saying that they were helping when they were really... she had several theorys here, none of which were real in reality, but to her it was all real. And the screams of other patients, their cries, demented and manic rantings and whispers. It was all too much for Lei, she couldn't take it. And slowly, she joined them. Being in that asylum drove her insane.
In the asylum she discovered her illusion ability. It kept her occupied in the asylum, adding color and fantasy, company, to those long, lonely days and nights. But it increased her insanity for as she got better at the power, the illusions got more real in every sense, and with it she was more drawn in to her own illusions. At times to the point where she couldn't leave, or to the point where when a whitecoat ((doctor)) would enter the room while she was using her power, she'd see them as a monster, a hideious monster that would attack her, and she'd attack, even managing to hurt a few.
Two months ago to the date there was a severe thunder storm that blew over Greenhart. It caused a major power outage in the asylum. It had also caused a large fire, which had the asylum evacuated while firefighters put it out. With being outside in the front of the institute, Lei had seen her chance to escape and she had darted off into the woods surrounding Greenhart. Absentmindedly using her illusion powers to distract the pursuing guards.
After the escape Lei had went home, but her parents weren't there. It was a vacant home, nothing there but empty space.
Not having anywhere to go and with authoritys in search of her, she's been on the run ever since. Living on the streets or in the homes of people that would take her in, being cute and all people would take pity on her and help. Giving her food and shelter. Right now she's a lost soul though.

Apperance: Lei has natural honey brown hair that trails down to just above her elbows, is straight but has very loose waves in it, normally parted equally in the front. Her skin is a light tan with a subtle pale hue to it. She stands at 4.1Ft and is very light, having a slim, petite build. She's scrawny, her ribs noticable, and unhealthy. Her eyes are a silvery crystal blue, noticeably her best feature.

Personality: Lei is a random, spontaneous girl. Having a wild personality and very bright. She's cheery but that sometimes quickly changes to fear, hate, or something else. While in that asylum, she developed schitzophrenia and multiple personality disorder. So her personality is hard to nail down, she's ever changing. But overall she is a sweet girl that just needs someone to look up too and help her.

Occupation: Mental patient.

Side(Hero, Villian, Neutral, Company, Human): Neutral.
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Lei Willas
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