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 Nicko Rider!!!

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Nicko Rider

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PostSubject: Nicko Rider!!!   Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:36 pm

Name: Nicko Rider

Power(if has none leave blank): Flight (I know it says electricity any way I could change that?)

History: Nicko was alone for sometime, he had a family. But they weren't his, and they didn't love him. Or his mother didn't, his father did. His dad was in the army, there family moved every year or two. He always had to start over, and no matter how he acted he was always hated. He never 'fit in'. First day of every new school, he would be labeled an outcast no matter what he tried to do. He soon gave up and became detached from the world around him, nothing more than a shell going though the motions. Though when he was thirteen they moved to Virgina, there he meet a few friends. They had rescued him from the hell he had made, his friends in a sense were his family. He joined his highschool's track team, he wasn't the best. But he was pretty good, mild-distance was his thing. Most of his friends were on the team as well. Soon though, during the winter he saw he had a power. He could levitate. For weeks, and months he worked on his power. He now was able to fly, around he could also travel in a 'sonic boom' type speed. It wasn't that fast, but for a brief time he was able to shoot off at higher speeds than normal flying. Kind of like when your in a race, and you have that burst where you sprint. It was kind of like that.

It opened so many doors for him, he took his brother and his best friends. He showed them what he could do, it turned out. His friend Chad could so something like him. He could read minds! He couldn't leave his brother with "there" family. He left his sister there though, both the parents loved her. He wished her the best. The three set off for adventure. Though, that was what they got. Oh how Nicko regretted leaving now. A few months back he had been separated with Chad and his brother in New York. They had been in the wrong place, at the worst time. Police were after them, so to get them off there trail Nicko turned and lead the cops away from the other two. When he was far enough away he took off, but no matter how hard he tried to find them. He couldn't. He wondered New York for weeks trying to find them. Nothing, so there he remained still trying to find them.

Apperance: The first thing that strike people about Nicko are his eyes. They are a blue/white watercolor , somewhat hidden behind his hair. He has eye length brown hair. His ears are slightly pointed, but hidden under his hair for the most part. He stand at about 5'8, his body built for running, and stunts. Though he is only 16 at sometimes when he is in deep thought, which rarly happens he will look....... older in a way. He has a burn on his right hand that looks like the fables black spot. On his right shoulder blade he has the eye of Horus. It isn't that big, and is in red ink. He wears a child-like grin most times, he really isn't tanned at all. But on him that looks okay, he had a few freckles on his face. Almost always seen with his headphones on.

Personality:Nicko is an adventureist, always doing what others won't always pushing himself further than he should. He is a born leader, though he never thinks before he acts. He always follows his heart not his head, and live of insince and impulsiveness. He can almost never settle, always jumping from one thing to the other. He is just freindly, though when others are mean to his friends he will jump to there defence. Though when other insult him he will shoot comments back to the other, always with a smile on his face. When pushed to the edge of strees of desperation he is unpredictable and unstable. Never knowing himself what he will do. He is quick to pick up on things, but his memmory is very poor.

Occupation: N/A

Side(Hero, Villian, Neutral, Company, Human):[center] Neutral at the moment

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Alex Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Nicko Rider!!!   Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:14 pm

Accepted. I'll change your Power and name
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Nicko Rider!!!
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