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 Childer Benson

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Childer Benson

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PostSubject: Childer Benson   Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:44 pm

Name: Childer Benson

Nickname: Child, Ben

Power(if has none leave blank): Cell regeneration and Time control

Age: 217/ but is 18

History: Born to a noble family in england in the 1800's he was raised to act proper and royal in front of everyone but then when he turned twelve he found that he had an odd skill. To move through time, he went to bed and woke up three years later to people saying that he had been gone for three years. that But as he went through time each night he found taht time was passing by faster and faster till a war destroyed his home and he was taken by a norse druid to the village that had the skill calmed mimicry. The man mimic Childer's skill and tried to help the child understand it. But as he began to control it, his mind became twisted and thirst to control what he wanted. But sadly he got to greedy and it let to the druid's downfall. But moving through time he came across a small girl in korea down on her luck and alone. Her eyes were such a beautiful color, moving through time he found her again in USA. Stopping he started working for Sylar to lure other people with powers. He is a sweet talker and normally had a different girl every week for a night to play with, but once in a while he would kill those whom would bad mouth Sylar. He is loyal to the core. Sadly his control had a problem, he sometimes can't stop when he tries to reverse time ending up somewhere random and he can't control time stop. Following one girl, he was trying to get her father for Sylar but found himself wanting the one with the blue eyes more. Stopping himself from using his time abilities, he spent his time finding more people for Sylar to devour. For a job he works as a part time musician singing, but other times he works as a mechanic.

Vehicle: Rides around on a black 1970 motorcycle he stole through time

Apperance: He normally has a gun under his coat or hidden.

Personality: He is loyal to one man only, but he has a heart. He acts like a gentleman when he has to but sometimes he turns cold and wants to kill people. But he is fond of Selene and her blue eyes. Has a craving to cause pain and sorrow sometimes. but other times he just wants to escape the world and go to the end of time. since he skipped so much time as a child that he watched his entire family disappear as well as their children.

Occupation: musician and mechanic

Side(Hero, Villian, Neutral, Company, Human): Villian

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Alex Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Childer Benson   Wed Jan 19, 2011 7:03 am

Guys read the rules. ONLY ONE POWER. But Ill let you have the two powers.
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Childer Benson
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