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 Rules for the site

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Alex Jones

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PostSubject: Rules for the site   Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:00 am

1)Do not disrespect Admins or Mods.
2)No god modding
3)No killing a person unless they want to be.
4)dont make the Admins ban you or anyone else.
5)Powers you cant have are:
Empatic Mimicry
Pheonix Mimicry
Rapid Cell Regeneragion
Precognitive Dreaming
Sylars Ability
Mias Ability.
Ability taking away
Unless your Cannon has it. It wont be alowed.
6)Dont make your Charrie the most powerful ever.
7)No making up your own power before PMing the admins.
8)I took away some powers for a plot.
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Isabella Taylor

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PostSubject: Re: Rules for the site   Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:46 am

what about minumum words? i think that people shouldn't be allowed to RP just a couple words, or a sentence! then the fun is gone...
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Rules for the site
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